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and what ideas the white house is considering for gun control. and sharks are back!
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good evening, i'm ama daetz. we have traffic alert. all northbound lanes of 880 near hyde street are closed because of an accident. a driver died in the crash. it's being diverted to 66th avenue. >> a car crashed into a pond. the driver's car slipped slid
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off the expressway near highway 85 today. the car went straight into a pond and started sick go. first responders weren't able to pull the woman free because they couldn't see in the water. >> everybody feels their hands were tied and just because of the visibility of the water weren't able to see anything going on without proper equipment. >> investigators don't know what caused her to lose control of the car. >> there is a manhunt underway in strategy after a person tried to set a woman on fire. she was lit on fire just after noon into the bayview district. sergio quintana tells us what happened. >> reporter: a smoldering sweater in the middle of the street, put 25-year-old was wearing when her family says her boyfriend dexter oliver doused
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her with gasoline and then lit her on fire. her sister says she is in critical condition at st. francis hospital. >> they hold her down with dead skin and the mother went on to see her but they said she is. >> okay they started yelling at this laundromat. he allegedly ran all the way home to get gasoline and then ran back toward the laundromat. >> i saw him pour gasoline in a bottle. i didn't know he was on burner. >> we watched as investigators collected gasoline can stirs from their home. witnesses who call 911 said they heard the couple arguing in the street and saw the victim on fire. they agreed to talk to us they not release identity because they are concerned for their safety. >> then she was running because she got burned.
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the guy that had burned her ran off that way. >> she was basically running and she was screaming. that is what we heard. she is screaming. >> as part of the investigation, police are collecting images from video cameras from the neighborhood. as for the victim in this case her family says she has three children. she had been dating the suspect for six months. in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, "abc 7 news." san jose police are investigating the first homicide of 2013. a body was found in a drive home on the 1900 block of tripoli avenue. the person lived at the home with other people. some of them were taken to the police station for questioning. starting today, drivers in san francisco have to feed the meters on sundays and most drivers aren't taking it well. tomas ramon has the story. >> people are feeding parking
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meters all over san francisco today. this is the first day of meter enforced parking on sunday not something everybody welcomed. >>. >> i can understand where san francisco is coming from. they need to pay their bills. at the same time. >> sundays are regular business day which wasn't the case decades ago when the city closed down on sunday. but like weekdays, parking spaces need to rotate to let visitors a chance to park. some think it will affect attend plans. >> it runs flew 12:30. people are going to leave because of the $75 parking ticket is not worth it to them. >> it was done to accommodate the faith community because many services independent before noon. the new program is expected to bring in additional $2 million
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annually. they went through the city to put leaflets on windows instead of tickets. they are given ample warning. >> no one was ticketed today, but you did don't feed the meter on january 28, will you get a ticket. any version of the san francisco phenomenon known as park lets are place for people to sit on benches or chairs buy on two meter parking spaces. merchant associations along with a supervisor don't like the way it looks, however not everyone agrees with them. >> most people have favorable opinions of it. the family to hang out. local businesses and have lunch, just hang out on a nice day. >> parklet creators say they
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will make a few small tweaks that were advised. >> nhl have reached a deal that ends a three-month lockout. san jose sharks will return to action as soon as the league resumes play. two sides reached a deal early this morning after 16 hours of talks. they have agreed on a ten-year deal where owners and players will split revenue. the old contract gives them 57% of the revenue. the players have been locked out for 113 days. they have a model for 50 and 48 game season but schedule issues have to be worked out. we'll have more coming up in sports with colin rush. also ahead, we'll look at the gun control plan being considered by the white house. why it could be further reaching be than last thought. and foreclosure settlement is nearly complete. what it means for people fighting to keep their homes.
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federal regulators are expected to announce a $10 billion settlement with banks tomorrow. the "new york times" reports that 14 major bank have agreed to the deal. it will provide money to homeowners. three 1/4 billion will deal with cash relief. >> an asteroid will make a close path of the earth. they don't believe the asteroid will hit our planet, however,
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the earth's gravitational pull could pull it toward us. it's expected to pass february 15th. >> california's only gray wolf is around the state. since he arrived in oregon from 2011 he has traveled 2,000 miles. scientists think he is looking for a new pact or a mate. he is the state's first known gray wolf since the 1920s. >> if you want your cup of cocoa to taste better, it could be a new mug. the colors orange and cream were consistently graded as having better flavor than other colors. back to work for the president. vacation is now over. we'll look at the busy schedule he faces in the weeks ahead. and leigh glaser is up next with the forecast as we head into the workweek. >> hockey is coming back. we'll hear from one player who
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the president's vacation is over. she back at the white house with a full schedule including replacing cabinet officers and balancing the budget. here is more. >> for president obama the vacation is over. mr. obama returns to from hawaii to a climate that is chilly. he has chosen chuck hagel as secretary of defense. he would be a controversial pick. he advocates negotiating with
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iran and some have questioned how strongly he supports israel. one pro israel group is running an ad against hagel. >> even the top senate republican says she reservation judgment. >> i'm going wait and see how the hearings go and see whether chuck's view square with the job he would be nominated to do. >> some democrats are speaking up for him. >> chuck hagel is a tremendous patriot and statesman, served incredibly in vietnam, served in this country as united states senator. >> and president obama is about to lose his treasury-secretary. tim geithner is the last original member of his economic team. he leaves as three major deadlines loom. by the end of february the treasury will lose the power to pay america's's bills and across the board cuts kick in march 1st
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and the government will run out of all control fund buying the end of march. jack lew is expected to inherited those headaches and president obama has promised quick action on joe biden's proposals for new gun control laws following the school shootings in connecticut. the vice president's plan could be bogged down. a task force led by vice president biden is devising legislation to reform gun control laws. "washington post" reported that it could be background checks and set up a national database to track gun sales and make it harder for the mentally ill to purchase guns. these are still justroposals being considered. all right, leigh glaser is check in the forecast. >> kind of clear out there tonight. we do have some very dense fog
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already being reported in the north bay. from high definition east bay cam you see clear skies, what a difference last night, we had the rain, the fog, nasty out there and then tonight, that area of low pressure moves to the south of us and we have seen nice clearing out there. live doppler 7-hd not picking up any returns at all. wet weathermaker has pushed to the south. it's starting to exit southern california so we'll say hello to? sunshine. 56 in cloverdale. santa rosa, 55. 52, san francisco. still below normal. other locations, concord and antioch, brentwood today mid to upper 40s. you will be a little warmer for your monday afternoon. right now we have 38 degrees already in napa. 39 santa rosa. 49 in san francisco. it's still 50 at half moon bay.
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you see san jose and livermore 40 degrees. i wanted to show you the visibility, because the dense ground fog will be with us for the early commute. three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa right now and that fog is drifting by the novato area redo dues go it to quarter of a mile in some locations. concord is reporting light fog as well as the livermore valley area. these are definitely areas that will be affected by early tomorrow morning. we're going to cold temperatures overnight because of the clearing has taken place. patchy dense fog and dry and warmer the next few dies and then by mid-week, temperatures will start to drop and we will introduce a chance of showers. overnight, temperatures mid to upper 30s in the north bay. that is where the fog will be persistent in the valley areas. 40s elsewhere. 38 for antioch, 36 for livermore. this is the rainmaker that brought us the showers and since pushed to the south. as it did the clearing took place across the bay area.
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high pressure, fair weather maker will start to build in, it will kick the storm track to the north of us monday and tuesday. also we'll start to warm us up a bit. day time temperatures in some locations, mid-60s. we'll warm up a tad tomorrow, 60 for santa rosa and napa. concord, 57 degrees. antioch, how about 56 tomorrow. plenty of sunshine for palo alto 57 degrees. 59 for san jose. santa cruz, 58 with a mixture of sun and high clouds. gilroy, 59. 58 for the salinas valley area. monday, morning fog, warmer day for tuesday with temperatures climbing up to mid to low 60s. then we'll start the cooling. it will start to move in on wednesday, wednesday night and thursday there is a chance weathermaker could bring us a slight chance of a few showers.
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snow levels go down early friday. hard freeze expected, maybe light snow. then we'll start to dry things out. mike schumann off and colin rush is in. >> when they wanted to get it done, they got it done that. gary is smiling. nhl and players' association reached terms on a collective bargaining agreement. it happened day 113 after a 16-hour negotiating session. the sharks locker room it's been a lonely place for the last 8 months when the team lost of the first round of the playoffs. the agreement between the league and union is a ten-year deal with an opt out clause after eight. here is gary morning.
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>> the details of which need to be put to paper. >> we are very excited to be back. we've been preparing for a variety of outcomes and we're happy to have this outcome that transpired last night. >> everybody is relieved it's over and done with for a long time and we can move on to what we enjoy doing. >> that is playing hockey. betman would not say when the schedule was released but a 48 game season has been mentioned. n.f.l. playoffs, ravens and colts, inspiration bowl, indianapolis coach missed 12 weeks of the season undergoing leukemia treatments. he called these playoffs his last drive. ♪ ♪
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>> ray lewis, 13 tackles in final home game. a final hug and baltimore all over andrew luck. ravens leading and joe flaco to dennis and 17-6 baltimore. flaco got man coverage, 24-9. just over five minutes left. fourth and 1, luck, ball is tipped by graham, williams the pick but that seals it. ravens advance to play denver next saturday. >> it was about giving me everything i got. under these circumstances you may be going to just push through it. if you can push through it. >> and redskins, something had to give. griffin hobbling on that knee.
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14-0 washington then seattle. marshawn lynch, 27 yards, 131 on the game. 2-point conversion made it 21-14. and his complete catches the turf. he would have to lead the game and kurt cousens and ron johnson lights him up on 0. biggest come back. battle of the birds, hawks and falcons in atlanta. they asked if made the decision would he have finished the game. >> i would have been right back out there on the field. you respect authority. i respect the coach, but at the same time you have to be a man sometimes. there was no way i was coming out of that game. >> on the eve of the bcs, notre dame and alabama, both coaches posing with the trophy.
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>> there is a lot of players out there that started this season wanting to get in this game. if you think of this is way, it should be easy to give their best effort. >> i would hope so. pac-12, women, road win. bears are 12-1 and stanford joins them with a win at utah. tonight at 11:00, what aaron rodgers thinks of colin kaepernick and one on one with the warriors. it is a funny interview. hobbit lasted but find outuj
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